When I go to the gym sometimes it takes a long time to wait for a treadmill and then someone is waiting right behind me. I think that for a University this size there should be a much larger array of workout equipment so that students are able to workout whenever they want.

(We) really couldn't get him to pay attention. Couldn`t get him to look at her, to keep his attention was really, really hard because he would drift off to his own little world a little bit.

What's not to like? I love fantasy books. I love magic and dragons.

That was awesome. It wasn't really a surprise. We always try to stick together, because that makes it better.

We had friends who had come down and talked about it. But it's even more beautiful than we expected. We have fallen in love with it.

Some of them really struggle. They've had zero classroom experience, zero teaching experience, and their first day in the classroom is almost the first time they have encountered students.

All of us, all of us, people from many faiths, have been touched by Tom's life and his death.

We know each other, we visit each other and in times of crisis, we pull together. We cannot let the barriers of language or culture or custom come between us. We are united in the call for justice. We know that every good work is rewarded ten-fold.