Emily Haines
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"Emily Haines" is a Canadian indie rock singer-songwriter. She is the lead singer, keyboardist and songwriter of the band Metric (band)/Metric and a member of Broken Social Scene. As a solo artist, she has performed under her own name and under the moniker Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. Haines possesses a soprano vocal range.

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Creatively, it's just fun, to get together with people that I would otherwise be drinking beer with, and just write a song. And it's really nice to just be part of a group of people and not have to carry the whole thing.

I've always written [music]. I've always played the piano. And until recently-- with Metric being a touring band-- that's what I did. I'd be at home, usually hiding in some room playing the piano. It just made sense that I would finally release some of this music. Friends sort of encouraged me to do so.