Speech and debate are not just a stylistic skill. I so whole heartily believe that kids, by the time they graduate, need to be able to get up in front of a group and say something meaningful. That translates into all courses and all manners of life.

I always tell my students that an audience will decide whether or not to listen in the first 10 seconds. So they need an attention getter, to tell a joke or a personal story, or to use a quote.

She has felt like family, even though we hadn't been able to meet.

There are people out there with these things and they're willing to help. Fish around and find them.

I would love for the people in these sites to tell me we are doing too much for them, This parish has a history of taking care of its people.

The swimming was really fun and a new experience. I got to go to Universal Studios and a big mall. Emily Schwab (friend from Wisconsin) was there and a lot of my other friends on other teams.