I'll be glad to get back home (Franklin) to my elementary school-aged sons, Cooper and Grady by Sept. 24.

It's something we didn't plan on in our budget.

We sold the balloon painting. That was the most expensive item for us. The show quality was less than last year. It appeared that furniture was slow. We did sell, however, up to the closing moments of the show.

In 1955, the nation was still largely industrialized, and South Dakota was an agricultural state. A high-school education was a good level of attainment. Now, to be a player in an information economy, people need more education.

We have a citizen Legislature, and the public is reflected in its Legislature. Most people probably would prefer to be governed by someone with a little more experience, a little more education. I think most people would.

I just didn't know anything about it, and I felt wrong that I hadn't tried to learn, that I hadn't tried to do something. I'm so lucky to be where I am in life, so I have the ability to make a difference.

It's really important for people to realize that this isn't old news because some people think the genocide had stopped. They're like 'I heard about that in 2003, and it's 2006 now.' It's still happening.

The purpose of them knowing what's going on is so that they'll do something, because the point is to have the resolve to do something to help people. So by students learning about it. Maybe they'll be passionate, maybe they'll want to help.