It's the key way the Renaissance views itself, in that you can have universal truths within a short exposition of picture and text. ... It's alien to how we gain knowledge these days.

I ask myself, is the book being digitized by someone else, or is there an earlier edition of the same book that's being digitized?

You've got the image, text, sound effects. ... You put the elements together and they say something new. That's a very emblematic effect.

He's getting a lot of press for something that was a publicity stunt.

The mobile-home housing component is quite pronounced in Steamboat Springs.

Every mobile-home park not zoned mobile home is more vulnerable to redevelopment than one that is zoned mobile home.

Any funds that we receive from the city from this or any other project, my board would likely earmark for specific housing purposes -- if the money is not articulated by the city itself.

I didn't want his mother to see his blood.