"Edward Davis", "Ed Davis" or "Eddie Davis" or "Teddy Davis" may refer to:

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A moderate stroke causing significant weakness in his motor and language skills.

Realized that he could not do justice to a hearing today.

Judge Moore assured me that he would be able to meet the deadlines that judge Hoeveler set.

For a little place like ours, it exposes us to stuff we might not have had a chance to see, ... It's great for small businesses like ours. And the candy they're giving out is good, too.

We were hoping Homeland Security would offset some of those reductions, ... It hasn't. We're down officers, the city of Boston is down officers, and the crime rate is beginning to creep back up again. I think there's a direct cause and effect here.

Lessons for Tomorrow: Bringing America's Schools Back from the Brink.

We've had several people get engaged here on Valentine's Day. One time we put an engagement ring in the glass of wine so when she started drinking it she noticed the ring. I actually suggested that to the guy because that's what I did when I got engaged. One year we even had a wedding on Valentine's Day.