That is a looming disaster for our party to have a candidate who only gets the support of the Republican Party.

Now is not the time for politics, ... Now is a time for New York and America to help those in dire need.

The senator is grandstanding, not to provide solutions but to advance her presidential ambitions.

We'll support whoever the Republican nominee is, but we expect to be that nominee.

I'm getting outstanding feedback from Conservative Party chairs. I met only one who supports Pirro, ... She (Pirro) can't win against Clinton without Conservative Party support.

I will take my years in Washington and New York state and compare it with Clinton any day, on substance, ... Forget about all the glitz and glamour. I've built up a record that qualifies me to do this run. You need a credible candidate with a strong background and no baggage.

The dislike is still there, but the people out there were disappointed once.

In 2000, it was very knee jerk.

Having a very difficult time.