If you know your fundamentals, you will enjoy the game a lot more. Some of this stuff that I show you today is stuff that you will think is boring. The truth is, if you just do these drills today, you will not get better. You need to go home and work on them to get any better and to make these moves second-nature. Habits, good ones or bad ones, are hard to break.

We had 100 kids in each age group and, when the coaches spoke, the players' eyes never left us. These kids were practicing eight hours a day doing all the drills we used to do in the U.S. And it has paid results. Lithuania is a nation the size of Indiana with probably fewer people and they got back-to-back silver medals in the Olympics. That experience got us motivated to teach fundamentals.

I went from high school to college to the NBA in 310 days. Sports Illustrated even did a little thing on that. I think I am the only guy who did all three levels in one year.