Ed Robinson
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"Edwin Robinson" is a presenter and producer on Sky Sports, most notably in the sports channel's boxing programmes. He is a regular on Saturday Fight Night and other boxing broadcasts on Sky Sports & currently fronts the popular weekly Toe 2 Toe internet podcast alongside former professional boxer Spencer Fearon.

Before joining Sky, Edwin worked as a press officer for British boxing promoters Frank Maloney and Frank Warren (promoter)/Frank Warren. Whilst working for Maloney, Edwin boxed three times as a professional, winning two contests and losing one. He was also an amateur boxer for Fitzroy Lodge amateur boxing club in Lambeth, south London.

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That's a landmark. You tell people, 'Meet me at the big chair.' Now what you going to say?

This sort of thing will take everybody doing what they can do. We've never really faced a situation of this magnitude before.

I thought maybe he was hard of hearing.