Microsoft has always felt threatened by the Internet, because it is an open world. It sees it as essential to extend its presence there and move chunks of it into a proprietary world.

No one has actually seen every letter of this agreement, which of course makes it very dangerous because the devil is in the details, and the specifics of how you define words is tremendously critical.

The reality is that we have a history with Gore and have worked with him on many issues. There are people in the Bush camp who don't seem to grasp tech issues, and they have sent out some signals I'm not comfortable with. Gore really understands the essence of the industry, and I think his appointees to key places would reflect that understanding.

They've gone through a lot of changes in the past 18 months. A lot of the culture has to change within HP. In these types of markets, consensus decision-making and competing within a matrix organizational structure gets in the way of acting decisively.

I don't put much on it, period. I'm happy we won because we get a share of the league title, but it's not a matter of beating Teaneck. It's a matter of getting better.

We needed to jump on them early and get that lead because we knew they were going to try and slow it down.

He can be very tough. He's not looking to pick fights on personality and style, but will absolutely pick them on substance.

Without a doubt she's a scorer. Without her we would have been scoring-challenged. We would have had a hard time getting points.