Duncan Taylor
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"Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky" is an independent Scotch whisky bottler located in Huntly, Scotland/Huntly, part of Strathspey, Scotland/Speyside.

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Hell, we never realized it would grow into this. I was just a kid that had a good work ethic, along with my brothers.

We thought he was well sold.

I think we're doing good; it's a good, solid sale, ... There are a lot of good horses, so if you have less than average of what the stallion is throwing, it's a tough market for those people, but if you have average or above, it's a strong market.

I thought she sold quite well.

I thought she sold quite well. That was quite a bit over the reserve. We have one other filly here that may bring a bit more, but she was my favorite, so I thought she'd bring that.

When I was younger, I had no problem renting a car and driving down every dirt road in Baja or Costa Rica looking for great waves to avoid crowds, ... It was fun, but as I've gotten older, I'm more inclined to charter a surf camp trip. Frankly, I'm looking for a little more comfort and a lot less hassle.

One thing I don't want to do is pass along the wealth before I pass along the knowledge. They have an opportunity, and I want them to fulfill it.

That day was big for our reputation. We sold three horses for a million apiece in one day and, hell, you couldn't have imagined you'd ever do that.

I opted for the 'executive trip' which provides a little nicer accommodations — casitas around a pool with air conditioning, ... We only had a couple of days of real good surf, but it was still a good trip.