I love making people happy and I think I'm basically a good person ...despite what you might read about me!

This album really has to make a statement. We've toured for 18 months. Now we have a brand name. Now we know each other as a band. The first album was just us together at home, a spontaneous product. Now it's time to make that record.

Hopefully we'll be in the studio in February or March. It would be nice to have something out by July.

I have always been influenced by country artists along my musical journey. Lately, I have been fortunate enough to be working with some of the great Nashville writers. I look forward to participating as a guest judge in a musical genre that is so close to my heart.

Sharon and Ozzy really like us; they asked us to play, ... Sharon is a sweet, sweet woman.

Matt broke his pinkie water skiing; he's having surgery today, ... I mean, we're all kind of extreme guys. We like to do extreme things; it could've happened to any of us. We've been off four weeks; we're into jet skiing and motorbiking, things like that.

We'll figure it out; we'll keep to our own songs. (The ballad) `Fall To Pieces' goes over quite well; it's not completely alien, ... But it's Black Sabbath, man. I mean, if it was just Black Sabbath and us, it would be totally compatible.

I've played Albuquerque before. I was there with my college band Loaded; I think we played the Launchpad. We're doing an hour set for Ozzfest.

It's a tiny little club where people can hang from the rafters. It's gonna be hot and sweaty and ferocious, but that's rock and roll.