The danger of driving to the airport is probably greater than the danger of eating meat in Europe.

I loved coming back again. There's an energy here and a feeling of interest. The students definitely were into the music once we got going. I liked that.

We were able to significantly reduce weight gain. The insulin resistance was less, and the blood pressure fell.

I think workers are increasingly going to be on their own as they plan for retirement. They are not going to be able to rely on their employers and on the government as they have in the past.

If you feed fructose to animals, they rapidly become obese, with all the features of metabolic syndrome. And a high-fructose intake has been shown to induce certain features of the metabolic syndrome pretty rapidly in people.

We had to get something to eat. What are they doing pulling a gun?

I'm extremely thrilled. I just couldn't believe it. Things like this just don't happen everyday. It's such on honor to be considered for a performance at Carnegie Hall.

I think he felt he was part of a Hollywood community. He would do wedding announcements and birth announcements. He wasn't interested in sexual peccadilloes and drug habits. And my readers are much more interested in sexual peccadilloes and drug habits.

We make the offer?because the mission of animal control officers is a little different from our mission.

In the last six months, we've seen the culmination of the irrational exuberance found in the industries that has rippled through all the other industries.

It was great. The students were very good and listened well. They were well-mannered.