Dougray Scott
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"Stephen Dougray Scott", better known as "Dougray Scott" (), is a Scottish actor.

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[As Moses,] I just want to be an ordinary man. In his head and heart, he's in the wilderness. He wants to focus his life on something he believes in, and yet he's not sure he's the right person. He has to lead his people to the Promised Land and figure out what God sees as worthy in him.

We talked about it, and it puts us over .500 anyway. The kids have played well this weekend, and I really feel like they've turned the corner.

Somebody that's 0-8 or someone 8-0, it doesn't make any difference, you have got to be ready to play in this conference.

We talked about coming out strong in the division and I'm pleased with how the guys have responded. They guys are playing hard and making the big plays at the right time.

It was very hot, very rugged and quite inaccessible. But I had a fantastic time. The work is the thing that motivates me.

I guess the weather has something to do with it, but you had a runner dead to rights at home, and you hop it up there and there's nothing you can really say about it, but it's part of the game.

It was just a slow start for us. We talked about it after the game, and we can't have it, and I could just about see it in warm-ups that we weren't really ready to play tonight.

Right from the beginning of time there were these very very attractive bad guys. It's a life that most of us have never led, so that's what makes it so attractive. The jobs that they have, the world that they occupy, is very alien to us.

There was just no other way to play it. There was no question this was a man who was tortured and troubled and filled with so many inconsistencies, plus the pain of dealing with the shocking task he was asked to undertake.

It is s a massive amount of people, half the population of Scotland. Can you imagine a tragedy on that scale in the western world. Something like that, just wouldn't happen. We have to dig deep.

You could tell immediately there was a great history to this guy, as revealed in the pilot. He has a sense of confidence about how things will turn out. He has great charm and great wit and is incredibly intelligent and meticulous. Nothing escapes him.