"Douglas M. Parker" is a playwright best known for biographical and reality-based plays. His works include BESSIE: The Life and Music of Bessie Smith (2005), a play with music about the rise and fall of the great American blues singer; Life on the Mississippi (2006), a play about the young Samuel Clemens leaving home to learn about steamboat piloting, adapted from Mark Twain/Mark Twain's autobiographical book of the same title; Declarations (2007), a one-act play drawn from the letters of John Adams/John and Abigail Adams from their earliest courtship through the summer of 1776;Thicker Than Water (2009), a drama based on the Andrea Yates murders; and "The Private History of a Campaign That Failed" (2011), based on Twain's comic memoir about his brief period as a lieutenant in a Confederate volunteer regiment.

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Today we start a new chapter in aviation history, ... The new US Airways combines our airlines' proud heritage with our employees' passionate commitment to provide our customers with friendly service and low fares. This is a great day for the employees of America West and US Airways as well as for the people in the hundreds of communities we serve.

Several airlines are anxiously watching these proceedings. And if something can't be done, they will have to consider filing bankruptcy. America West is one of those airlines.

We believe consolidation in the industry is inevitable, ... We are in and out of talks with several airlines. If something like this is happening, we want to be forward-thinking about it.

As the direct result of the terrorist attacks, the arranged liquidity facility will not be completed and, under prevailing economic conditions, other private financing alternatives are not available.