Douglas Gresham
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"Douglas Howard Gresham" is an American British stage and voice-over actor, biographer, film producer, executive record producer, resident of Malta, and one of the two stepsons of C. S. Lewis.

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He was a man I felt I could trust.

He told people, 'I'd like to make a story out of that image because it has been in my head all of my life,' ... Aslan simply leapt into the story and dragged all the rest of the Narnian Chronicles along with him. ... I believe that all of this was a gift from God, of course.

Many people ask, 'Why are they coming back?' The answer is that these books never went away.

[Unlike other Lewis biographies,] Jack's Life ... finest man and best Christian I have ever known.

[Lewis] viewed the book as a suppositional representation — 'What might happen if animals and mythological creatures lived in harmony with God and saved the world from evil?'

We never set out to make a 'Christian' movie. The book taps different veins in different people. If we overstressed what little symbolism there is, we would have thrown away the project.

In a sense, the child in him lived with him the rest of his life. ... For anyone who is writing for children, that is an important thing.