"Doug Williams" is the name of:

*Doug Williams (born 1955), Super Bowl XXII MVP

*Doug Williams (offensive lineman) (born 1962), former American professional football player

*Doug Williams (footballer) (born 1923), Australian rules footballer

*Doug Williams (wrestler) (born 1972), English professional wrestler

*Doug Williams (bassist) (born 1969), American bassist for the bands Origin and Cephalic Carnage

*Doug Williams (Days of our Lives), a character on the soap opera Days of our Lives, played by Bill Hayes

*Doug Williams (comedian), American comedian

*Douglas Williams (sound engineer), American sound engineer

*Doug Williams, an assembly line worker responsible for the Lockheed Martin shooting

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We're using Jet Skis to get people out.

Yes, we are going to have a heavy sports emphasis, ... We want to have news from every level -- from the pros to Little League.

He's bigger than a doctor. Joe is the team doctor, but he is also the biggest cheerleader and also the emergency coach. He would probably fly the team plane if he could or drive the bus if he had to. That's how he feels about the organization.

It's something I've been working on shortly after I went into office last year.

Arson isn't usually done with intent of committing arson, ... but to conceal other acts of criminal behavior.

It's almost inhumane to watch TV and see the immobilization of an entire city, ... You watch on TV and never expect it to hit home. It hit home.

There are multiple motivations for an arsonist's behavior.

There's still a lot to be done.

In mid-America, the mid-sized and small communities where fire protection is (done by) volunteers, there are no investigation capabilities. You have to call in agency or county fire marshals, ATF.