"Doug Thompson" is a councillor in the city of Ottawa for the Osgoode Ward. Thompson is also the former mayor of Osgoode Township, Ontario/Osgoode Township prior to the amalgamation with the new City of Ottawa. Prior to being mayor of Osgoode, Thompson was a municipal councillor in the township for 14 years.

Prior to entering politics, Thompson was a teacher for 35 years before Retirement/retiring. He lives in the community of Greely, Ontario/Greely where he has lived since 1967. He has coached minor hockey and baseball.

He graduated from Carleton University, with a degree in History and Political Science.

Thompson served as acting mayor of Ottawa for one month in 2009 while mayor Larry O'Brien (Canadian politician)/Larry O'Brien took a leave of absence to deal with a criminal investigation.

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If I had to go into court and prove this, there's no way I could prove it.

I think we received a vast amount of information and things that we can use in our classrooms.

We only get one chance on this right now. I just want to see it done right the first time.