I still have some years left to win more tournaments, ... So, hopefully at Rock Barn, I can have another good week.

I still have it, and I'm still using it, ... I'm not sure if Walter will ever get that putter back.

They treated me like a superstar and were really into it, ... They were cheering good golf, so winning it on that last putt was something I'll always remember.

Sunday is going to be a lot of fun.

I'm taking advantage of the short holes and I'll need to do that again tomorrow, ... I'm not hitting the ball very far right now, but the putter's working hard.  I've had it a long time. It's an old Odyssey that I've won six times with.

The surgery I had on the elbow was to clean up some scar tissue, and it's the same elbow problem that essentially ended my career on the regular tour.

It's been an off year for me, to say the least.

It's going to be a lot of fun. I think the key is for both of us to play the course and not each other.

For a community like that which has taken hits economically somebody like Don Beaver is such an asset, ... I know a lot of players love coming to Rock Barn, not only for the course, but also because of the way the tournament is run.