We said last year if they wanted it, we could back for an opportunity. All we can ask for is an opportunity to win a state championship, and we're going to get that tomorrow.

We knew Hesston could come back. Against a great McPherson team, they were able to cut it to five points after being down by 20, so we never felt comfortable the entire game.

As a gathering place for the community, it is a pleasure to join in the excitement of this event. We look forward to providing people in the Omaha area their first opportunity to acquire this historic item, which we are all proud of.

They're awesome. We're going to have to play our best game of the year to be in the same gym with them. It's going to take an exceptional effort.

This is an important development for the company as we progress to producing iron ore from this historic mine.

Our goal all year has been under 40 every game. And when you keep someone in the 20s, you definitely have a good shot.

Breaking their pressure took a lot out of us. They're very quick and run to the ball well. They make everyone handle it. That put us on our heels a little bit.

We started to run a double (team) at her later in the game, but she was able to get her jumper off and hit some jumpers. Basically, that was the difference in the ballgame.

There's a definite increased interest in vernal pools, and people want to know if they have them on their property.