(Former Tigers pitcher) Dave Mlicki made $6.2 million last year. This year he's making $750,000. Good. The problem isn't that he took a huge cut. The problem is he was never worth $6 million.

If Boston and Oakland start competing to draft players no one else wants, each will get half. As long as the A's keep churning out talent from the draft and the farm system, they'll be fine.

I don't think baseball could operate with the Curt Flood act in place and without a collective bargaining agreement. The draft (of amateur players) is immediately challengeable. While the owners might be able to have revenue sharing, there's no way they could have a luxury tax.

I reviewed every issue of the World for the months leading up to the 1903 and 1905 World's Championship Series. There's not a word suggesting any link between the paper and the series.

I start getting suspicious when a whole bunch of teams wise up all at once.