Doug Liman
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"Douglas Eric" ""Doug"" "Liman" is an American film director and Film producer/producer best known for Swingers (1996 film)/Swingers (1996), The Bourne Identity (2002 film)/The Bourne Identity (2002), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005 film)/Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Jumper (film)/Jumper (2008), Fair Game (2010 film)/Fair Game (2010), and Edge of Tomorrow (film)/Edge of Tomorrow (2014).

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It must have helped mine; it had to have had a positive impact in the box office.

If anything, the films that succeeded this summer and the films that failed have emboldened me and filmmakers who share my sensibility that we don't want to just churn out the same old thing.

People used to want to see the same old thing, but nothing in the marketing of 'Stealth' made it seem truly original. All I remember from the trailer is the airplane, not the characters. And all I remember from the trailer of 'The Island' is the concept, not the characters. 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith,' 'Batman,' 'War of the Worlds': Those trailers were about characters. That's good for the movie business.

NBC has ordered the hourlong pilot.

Simon had originally conceived 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' as a TV show not as a movie.

At the end of the day, it's still a show about guys who ride extremely fast motorcycles for a living.