We knew we at least would have overtime. We just wanted to get a shot off and see what happens.

We knew we would at least have overtime. We would get one shot and see what happens.

Our guys did a great job. They passed the ball well and shots went in. Guys make shots and it becomes contagious.

We knew we at least had overtime, but we wanted to try for a final shot. Tyson was able to get the ball over to David and he was able to make another one.

It's Game 20 or so. If you can't trust them by now, you're never going to trust them.

Never in my wildest dreams would I think this would happen. When we started practice back on Nov. 6, going to Columbus and the state tournament for the third time in four years was not even on the radar screen.

We will have to play probably our best game of the year to win on Saturday.

We had hopes for a good season. We've put together a pretty nice run in the tournament.

Being able to go to Columbus for a third time in four years - I can't put in words.