We are confident in running hotels without (brand) flags but we believe as Daytona Beach is evolving, it is important for the public to see the city endorsed by well-known brands.

We were up for this race weeks over 2005.

We are not pursuing that business.

We feel this will create a unique, signature property off A1A. The city needs more high-caliber hotel rooms to support the expanded Ocean Center. It also will help to further improve the overall image of the area as a destination.

We were told the test results would take 10 days, and we felt that was too long to wait before we do something. We simply wanted to do the right thing.

It is an integral part of what we do. Travelers use it as well as guests at our other hotels.

This project will be an extension of our on-going partnership with those colleges. It will provide students with a real-life setting.

Our spa was ahead of the curve. It helped to expose folks to the idea of a spa and demonstrate that it is a viable amenity for hotel properties in this area.