Doug Ellis
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"Sir Herbert Douglas Ellis", Order of the British Empire/OBE, is an entrepreneur, best known as the former chairman of Aston Villa F.C./Aston Villa Football Club. Ellis was Knight Bachelor/knighted in the 2012 New Year Honours for charitable services.

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They've played together for three years, so they know each other's game well.

It was a tight match. It was a little disappointing we didn't win.

It was a good learning experience since we have several players who have never played before. They have had two matches and 10 on-court practices and this was our first match of the season. And we have had five on-court practices, so we did respectably. I think we can take at least a few matches off them next time.

They clawed their way back at the end.

It's going to be an experience for everyone. (The Skiers) will have the advantage because they are used to playing on the courts, and they have been practicing indoors for about a month.

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