"Doug Campbell" was a rock and roll guitarist from Nebraska, and the recipient of the 2000 Ron Tuccitto Award from the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame.

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We've always wanted to see what it was like and visit some friends here. It's a lot of fun, and luckily the weather has been great.

We love it. ... Pretty soon my son is going to be better than I am.

It's the perfect opportunity to give Minnie Lilley the recognition, and frankly the respect, that she deserves.

We've got a great tradition to back up here. We're just trying to keep the fire burning.

That promise, I can say, was broken by the government.

They were a fast team. You couldn't take a play off against them. If they ever get it kicking, they're gonna be hard to stop.

His family felt like it was best for him to leave, and it's unfortunate for us, ... You can't sit there and dwell over it and cry over it. We've got a game to get ready for.

It was based on something I wrote at my dining room table on a weekend when my family was out of town and while I was eating chicken Kiev.