We got a quality quarterback in Brad Banks and two guys who can make a significant, immediate impact on the offensive line.

There are two guys I want to know who can handle the passing game. One is the quarterback himself, and the other is the quarterbacks coach.

We're going to have a short fuse. We're not going to let a guy play for four games to figure it out.

He's a guy that can have an immediate impact on our receiver position.

Based on what I've heard, it's a dead-end street. Everything we did is totally above table.

It's important that a message is sent to the players. They need to perceive that change is being made.

It was very important for me to get a guy to coach a guy like Kevin Glenn, who is not a marquee quarterback yet but has the potential. I took this job thinking Kevin Glenn was going to be good enough to enable us to be a winner here.

We're elated to get him with a sixth-round draft pick.