Dottie Pepper
FameRank: 3

"Won": 1992 Nabisco Dinah Shore/1992, 1999 Nabisco Dinah Shore/1999

/ lpga = T5: 1992

/ wusopen = 3rd/T3: 1988, 1990, 2001

/ dumaurier = 4th: 1993

/ wbritopen = T24: 2003

/ wghofid =

/ wghofyear =

/ award1 = LPGA Tour#Leading money winners by year/LPGA TourMoney Winner

/ year1 = 1992

/ award2 = LPGA Tour Player of the Year/LPGA TourPlayer of the Year

/ year2 = 1992

/ award3 = LPGA Vare Trophy

/ year3 = 1992

/ award4 = GWAA FemalePlayer of the Year

/ year4 = 1992

/ award5 = Best Female Golfer ESPY Award/Best Female GolferESPY Award

/ year5 = 1993

/ awardssection =


"Dottie Pepper" is an American professional golfer and television golf broadcaster. From 1988 to 1995 she competed as "Dottie Mochrie", which was her married name before a divorce. She won two women's major golf championships/major championships and 17 LPGA Tour events in all.

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The girls are getting strong enough to see the feedback from the new technology. They're finding the optimum swing speed for these balls to do what they were designed to do. It's cool stuff.

There is going to be expectations and big-girl responsibilities that she can pass on right now because she's not officially representing a company; she's not an ambassador for the sport as a professional. That becomes a different deal when it becomes a business. I think the pace is just a little too accelerated.

The locker room might be a good place to go.

It was hard to find a spot in the gym at Turtle Bay resort.

Other players find out if you're not doing that sort of stuff. You don't want to take the 'I'm special' attitude.

The discipline and focus to sustain being No. 1 in anything for any period of time is incredible, but for five consecutive years is simply amazing. If she was a team, we would be spelling dynasty in capital letters.

If she can maintain a healthy back, she would be one of my top choices. She has the length to compete, a wonderful short game and the desire to be on top.

It's different as a professional now. Out here, it's all win, win, win.

Whoever putts best wins. When you have a decided advantage in the home crowd, that can really make the difference. People yell when putts go in.