"Doris J. Johnson" is an American former politician in the state of Washington (US state)/Washington. Johnson served in the Washington House of Representatives as a Democrat from the 16th District, as well as the 8th District. A school counselor, Johnson attended Western Washington State College and earned a masters degree in education. She was raised in Bellingham, Washington. She married Harold Johnson and had a daughter, Adra Ann, and lives in Kennewick.

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Nobody deserves to be shot and killed like that for no reason. This was a tragedy all around. Both men have family. But Evans' (family) can go and visit him in jail. But no longer can the Vicks visit Jerry. He's been taken out of their life.

Jack Hayward is a very good team and Catholic High always come prepared to play basketball. There will be a lot of competition but the C.I. Gibson holiday classic is all about getting these kids off the street. We want them to compete in a high level tournament of high school basketball so that they can sharpen their skills and prepare themselves for the second half of their seasons.

The kids wouldn't have let us live it down. They're psyched.

We want to continue playing well and making our presence felt. We work hard and hopefully we'll come out, play well and win another championship.