Donyell Marshall
FameRank: 6

"Donyell Lamar Marshall" is a retired American professional basketball player. During his National Basketball Association/NBA career, he played with eight different teams.

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It was amazing. We were just like the fans, we wanted him to keep shooting, too.

It was a great performance. People need to understand that he's only 21 years old. The criticism he's taking is unfair.

It was a huge win. It's probably better to come out of a slump against a good team like that. It helps the confidence. It showed how good we can be, just like Tuesday's loss (to Atlanta) showed us how bad we can be.

Huge win. You always want to come out of a slump. It's better to come out of a slump against a good team that's playing well.

I don't know where he took off from. I'm just glad that he caught it.

Once they re-signed Z, I knew they had a legit center and I knew I wasn't going to be stuck down in the post playing out of position all the time. It became a great fit for me.

That's why they call him 'The King,' I guess. It was a bad pass, but he made it look real good.

The last couple of days I have thought about it because it did come down to these two teams. It was almost like choosing a college. I think I made the best choice for myself and my family.

Eric has been in this league for a long time, and that's because he plays defense. He got a big stop at the end on Tinsley, that helped us win the game.