Your name is on the list and there is no recourse for you as a citizen. If his name is on one list then it could be on other lists I don't even know exist. It is sort of scary. I feel there is no accountability from the government.

You can call it the watch list, you can call it the select list, you can call it the no-fly list. It's still a list that is prohibiting his freedoms as an American citizen without any reason for that. He is not a fugitive, he is not a terrorist. And yet, he's on a list that he doesn't belong. That shouldn't happen in America. This is not the way we live our lives.

'Please see a United representative at the airport to check in.' I'm flying with a presumed terrorist. I guess that's why.

We sent the letter registered mail with confirmation to the TSA. We got confirmation back that they had received it. That was at the end of March 2005.

The problem I think is that even if he was off the list, but he has to carry a piece of paper to show that he's off a list, what difference is it? He's a U.S. citizen and he has no arrests or no reason to be on any kind of list.

In response to his request they've reviewed all of his information, and that they cannot ensure his travel will always be delay-free.