Your year in school doesn't determine the contribution you'll make. The underclassmen are talented and they're very experienced from playing travel ball in the summer. They bring a lot of skill and energy to our team.

America is about having hope and owning land. And knowing that it's yours today and tomorrow.

Some of it was depth. We had some injuries to key people. I think we have a little more balance this year and more team speed. Last year, we were more one dimensional.

We have a really close-knit group this year who play hard for the program and each other. It's hard to put my finger on our strengths right now, but we need to get a handle on what we have confidence in and what we need to work on.

We're ready. The players are so tired of practicing against each other. They're prepared to play someone else.

Our returning players have taken a trip like this every year and we expect them to help lead the younger players through the road fatigue.

As a team we want to set a bar one day and improve upon it the next.

An attendance committee looked at the enrollment and Pinkham still has room while Washington is quite full.

Our balance and versatility. We have team speed and power to work with. We have young players to bring energy and veterans with game experience.