Back in the 90s, sociologists studied what they called 'boomerang children,' adult children who returned home or were in and out of their parents' home. What they found that it wasn't because they were freeloaders. It was because the economy was bad.

Every day after lunch we walk, ... Every child has a stop watch and a pedometer and every child has a spread sheet. They record their steps and their time every week and third-, fourth- and fifth-graders find the mean or the average of their steps and time.

This school cannot be about me, ... I've always had a vision that this school would continue to grow. I knew it couldn't stay this way.

She's helping us learn that there are better choices.

Honestly, I don't think I would have been that quick or even thought to do that, ... I'm just grateful he's OK, and I can't thank my nephew enough for what he did.

In any classroom, all children are not on the same level, ... When I was a high school teacher, I stood in front of the class and taught algebra. But I learned before I left that I had to walk down the aisles and look at each person's paper and see what each person is doing. That's my philosophy. You teach individuals, you don't teach algebra.

I realize if I don't get some standards about what I do or don't do now, it's going to be that much harder.

I haven't been told those figures. We all know what we read in the paper about the budgets. I think the school has always been in the red, but not to that amount.

Children now are pretty much forced to go to college.