We also have a specialty leasing program to help small businesses get started, ... We can help someone get into a kiosk or in-line space depending on their past retail experience and their resume. That information gives us an idea of how well they are prepared to deal with business.

There are leasing conferences held around the country every quarter at which mall representatives and national business representatives get together, ... The May conference, which was held in Las Vegas, drew 30,000 people. It's become a very sophisticated process. The tenants now have real estate brokers and lawyers who represent them. They want to get the most bang for their money.

We're actually a major employer within the community.

That was the best damned game I've ever been to in my whole life.

I'm very happy, ... Our tenants are happy. Our new owners are planning to spend money to renovate and modernize all of the mall. They want to change its looks and bring it more up to date.

'Why here?' is a question that I'm asked a lot, ... The answer is there are many, many families moving to the Albany area because there are good-paying jobs and yet our housing prices aren't as high as Corvallis or Portland, for example. There's also a better quality of life here than some areas. It's a great place to raise a family.

The end result is going to be great, ... I love my job.

We plan to bring standardization to all that we're doing, ... We hope to have some RMUs in place by Christmas. We also plan to spend money for tenant improvements to help bring in more national tenants. The new owners plan to take the mall to the next level, which will be even better for our customers.