We've had quite a bit of rain and flooding. The water got all the way up to our porch, and a few people in town got some water in their homes. It's a little too much too fast, but anything is welcome.

Health departments, in particular, they're having to postpone their clinics and turn away elderly people who might want their shots. It's important that people recognize that if they need to get a shot in November or December, that's fine.

There seems to be a consensus that there will be plenty to meet the expected demand.

If I did know, I wouldn't tell you.

This is huge. It's one hour of free publicity on national television, in prime-time.

Our system is not designed to ensure that there are early flu shots available to those who need them most.

Many, particularly elderly people who are accustomed to getting flu shots from private physicians or those in nursing homes and institutional settings, are not able to get their flu shots. Health departments, which customarily plan on having clinics in mid to late October are having to postpone or cancel until such time as they get an adequate supply of vaccine.

This is the last year for the kids there (who will graduate from Grand Ridge), we wanted to do something for them also.

Anybody who comes to that event, whether they make a wish or not, will receive a ticket to the Amy Grant concert. Even though it's a free concert, you need a ticket.