Everyone is saying small business is the engine of the economy, but we're not putting any gas in the tank.

We're puzzled because the president has made a major part of his economic program an ownership society. What we are doing every day is helping people open businesses and grow their businesses.

We had about 100 people at the session who want to go and help.

The olfactory system, anatomically, is right in the middle of the part of the brain that's very important for memory. There are strong neural connections between the two.

They have to change the way they teach and take time away from these here to take care of them.

Small business is the engine of the American economy and the Champion of Small Business Development and Founding Fathers awards recognize individuals and organizations making significant contributions to small business development, ... We congratulate our inaugural award recipients and we look forward to their continued contributions to small business development.

Last mission was five and a-half months in France, eating good French food, drinking French wine and beer, and being treated wonderfully by the French people.