It's really been a great public-private partnership, ... People don't understand how long it takes to do projects like this. And then you throw the weather in there.

We had a couple of kids make some poor decisions.

We'll learn from this and get better. I give them all the credit in the world.

(Reed) is a guy that all he wants to do is play defense, ... Even when we're running our first-team offense against our scout team defense at practice, he wants to be out there. He just never quits. He has played with confidence the first one-and-a-half games, which makes him that much better. Our defense as a whole needs to gain that type of confidence.

You want the kids to stay focused during a long bus ride, you want the other team to play hard, and you want your team to play the best they can.

If you don't start them young, they have no roots.

You just can't coach things like that, ... He just has a natural instinct of getting the ball into the end zone no matter what. And the funny thing is, he could have jumped higher over that guy if he needed to.

They came in with a different game plan than what we were expecting and executed it like they were supposed to.