"Don Strock" is a former professional American football/football player who was the head coach of the Florida International University football team from 2002–2006.

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They wanted someone who had played in the playoffs, which I had. And they wanted someone who could win for them, which I did.

Ben West did a tremendous job running the football -- hanging onto the football under those conditions.

I really thought they were going to call it off, to tell you the truth.

Both played well in [Saturday's] scrimmage, and we wanted to move them up to the first team this morning to see how they reacted.

Last time we turned the ball over eight times we had the same outcome. Whether you lose by one point, three points or 30 points, you can't do that.

He's done a tremendous job in the time he has been up there and there's some talent on that team. In a couple of years they will be a force to reckon with.

Other than that, defensively, we did a tremendous job, got a bunch of sacks and kept pressuring the quarterback. They couldn't throw the ball downfield and we stopped their running game. Overall the defense really stepped up to the table.

The system is good and he [Hodges] played well, no question.

We had very high winds and rain. There was lightning in the area. The ref was thinking about stopping the game. It was really, really hard to do anything. But we ran the ball very effectively.