I was 12 in 1968. From a serious kid's vantage point this was a terrifying time to grow up.

When I realized when (Stardust) was born, that sort of ignited an interest I had in the late '60s, ... I've had it all my life, having just missed that period.

It made a mockery of everything that came before ideologically. There was no message to their actions.

I focused on the stories of individual people rather than making this a kind of polemic.

After I got sick and beat it I decided I was going to write because that is what I really wanted to do.

Someone didn't take their slot and the director called me and asked me to join. I had the feeling that this was my shot. When I overcame my feelings of inferiority I realized that this was a gift.

I really feel like the dark side of the '60s began in that period, ... I wanted to explore that and show how that might have affected individuals, or how individuals had their lives changed by that shift. ... I do feel that a lot of the promise of the '60s was not only unfulfilled, but broken.

That was the start of an incredible year.

I worked on inventing their connection and how the 60s influenced their lives. It helps that I've always been an extravagant liar.