Don Shows
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"Donald Harrison Shows", known as "Don Shows", was an American athlete of five sports, a coach of the Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks football/Northeast Louisiana Indians (renamed the Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks in 2006) and the Northwestern State Demons. Most of his career was as a high school American football/football coach (sport)/coach whose last team, from 1989 until 2012, was the Class 5-A West Monroe High School Rebels in West Monroe, Louisiana/West Monroe, Louisiana, USA.At least one poll declared the Rebels in both 1998 and 2000 as national champions, a subjective designation.

On June 25, 2011, Shows (pronounced SHAUZ) was inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, located in Natchitoches, Louisiana/Natchitoches. Chosen by a 30-member committee of the Louisiana Sportswriters Association, the 2011 nominees brought the number honored to that time to 285.

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I think everybody wants to be 50-50 (run-pass) if they can. It puts that much more pressure on the defense.

I thought our defense adjusted real well to what Ruston was doing. Ruston looked good on that first drive, but the defense picked it up after that.

If we win out from here and go undefeated ... I know they'll be undefeated. That could be a big gate.

He was a real solid good young man and a great person. He was well liked by everyone and did everything asked of him in the football program. He was a winner and great fun to be around.

They are going to have a pretty good football team by the time the season is over. I was really impressed with their quarterback and their receivers. They threw and caught the ball extremely well. They are going to get better every week, too.