When I die, I'll still own the farm and have something to leave for the kids. I hope they keep the pheasant hunting going. It may save the farm again for them like it has done for us.

This is not about derailing the storm drain upgrade process or saving me $100 per year. In management of a corporation or a city, you have to prioritize where your money goes, and I don't think there's anything higher than public safety and infrastructure.

Sometimes, there is some loss from waiting so long, but in the long run, the benefits outweigh the risk.

There's nothing more important than fixing our storm drains. That is not the issue -- and, in fact, saving me $100 a year is not the issue. The issue philosophically is that there's a better way of doing this and we feel the entire voting population should have a chance to look at this.

The pheasant hunting income came at the right time to help turn our major problems around.

We've only been at it a couple of days -- we've got about 50 people, maybe more, out canvassing. We're finding that almost everybody (we ask) is signing up, so we're feeling good about that.