It's not the impact of one project and the value of the property in that project.

I lost my house in Waveland.

Teams in the past have always received a lot of accolades for the performances on the court or on the field, ... But in this particular case, they not only did well in their sport - but they did well in the classroom, with the number of All-Americans and the All-Academic Big 12 honors they received.

This avoids the scenario of a 17cm pair of scissors ending up sewn into somebody's abdomen.

This is going to continue to be one of Montana's largest working cattle ranches.

This is a landowner that's committed to making sure that this development takes into consideration that this is one of the largest working cattle operations in Montana, and it'll remain that way.

Is it a tax issue? If you sell a house for $650,000, does that make my house worth $650,000?

We were hit with this flood a year ago as a result of Hurricane Ivan and compared to what those folks went through we had nothing, of course we were devastated at the time, but compared to them, we just had nothing.

Foam will be the next wave of wood replacement after decking.