Laredo is going to be a very, very tough team to face, especially opening the series in their building and with their fans very loud. We are excited to be in the second round, and we are hoping for more.

Gorman was fantastic, coming in cold and making some saves. Our penalty kill was good. and I thought we had everything against us, but the kids fought through it.

What you start looking at that that's a good sign that your goaltending has been outstanding. It can keep you in the game when you haven't been that productive.

I think there's a confidence level with coming home to your own building. I thought the spirit was really good and the practices were upbeat. There was a mission and that was a big thing. They are still on a mission and they know they had to come home and get on a winning streak.

Our biggest thing is, as a team, we have to regroup in regards to our attitude and how we're going to play. I thought defensively we did not punish people in our own end. You can't play hockey in your own end without punishing people.

It's been a big factor that kept us in the lead in our division. If that line hadn't stepped forward in late January we'd be a sputtering team. It has been a major factor for our consistency both here at home and on the road.

He's an extremely complete player, but the one thing he brings is an offensive flavor to our attack. I think that is the one thing that has made him such an instant success here in Odessa.

It was most likely the best night we've given (Gorman) in three or four weeks. He only faced less than 30 shots and when you do that you've got a better chance of keeping your goals against down.

Scotty and his wife were going to give him a middle name after the person who scored the winning goal on Saturday because we were ahead when he was born. But we lost, so I don't know if Gunner has a middle name yet.