That just gives you the average, the high and the low for that market - not individual stations. Again, I advise caution, because the average may be built on prices that are two or three days old.

If at all possible, first check out the tires. When you think about it there only four spots about this big holding you on the road and if they're not in good shape, off you go.

We're very excited about it. It's certainly something different for us.

Click on that and you can name towns in different states all across the nation and choose a radius of three miles, five miles or 10 miles around the town, and it will bring you back a list of stations along with map. Beside each station name are prices. You just have to make sure you watch the date and look for the most recent date. It will give you an idea of what many stations are doing.

World oil prices jumped again this week as the price of crude oil traded above $63 per barrel. Seasonal maintenance being performed at gasoline refineries will temporarily limit gasoline production. The near future will probably continue to show lots of ups and downs, and traders react to news of almost any sort.

We have done everything we can to make Tom's employment with AAET a happy and productive relationship. We have offered Tom special training along with other supportive measures. Tom is not the only gay employee we have had at our office.