If they're going to come in and make a killing off our property, they should pay their share.

If you want to create more electricity in Idaho, then go to the top of Bell Rapids and keep building windmills because they will produce more electricity without polluting the wonderful air that we breathe.

It's not that I'm anti-wolf, it's that people didn't take into account that it's not like it used to be. I'd like to see a study put together to find a happy medium to control the population of wolves. We're going to lose millions of dollars in revenue because there won't be any more big game to hunt.

I want big business to pay their share. We could create revenue to go back into our education fund. If we took back that lost revenue, we wouldn't have any more poor teachers.

If we, as Idahoans, allow that plant to come into the Magic Valley, we have got more pollution coming out of our mouths than those smokestacks will ever create. Dollars will buy it and dollars will kill us.