This was a good overall effort. It was the kind of thing we've talked to our kids about all along: Focus, focus, focus. If you make a bad play, you forget about it and make the next play. If you make a good play, you forget about it and make the next play. It's always about what's next. We don't want the kids to lose that focus.

Obviously, those types of games create character. To some extent we're still trying to find our identity, and those kinds of things will build team camaraderie as well as character.

We'd been a bit flat and that inning was a big spark.

We had played her the first time and she was able to get the ball up into the strike zone that first time. We were fortunate enough to come up with several key hits that led us to the victory.

It was a very big win for the program. We didn't play well defensively, though. We had five errors, but the plus side is that we showed enough character to overcome those errors.

To me, that's where it should have begun. The biggest thing is security, and most pitchers don't control it as well at that level. The chance or opportunity to get hit is a greater risk, and by starting it with younger kids, it gets them used to wearing it right off the bat.