I think what really turned a lot of people on, when we saw him play basketball, he was that big and that fluent that they couldn't push him out of the paint, ... He could rebound. He could jump.

It's his time. We need his leadership because we're pretty young across that front line. We've put a lot of pressure on him since the bowl game. I told him this is your D-line and this is your time, so take it over.

He's not even supposed to be practicing yet. He hurt his back lifting weights and they told me it'd probably be two to four days. And he missed like two periods.

That's kind of their M.O. to run the ball, ... It's going to be a physical, tough SEC game. They've always given us trouble running the ball. If you look at the history, they've had some big games against us. We've got to stop the run. That's every week, but especially this week.

We weren't going to push him, but I looked at him and he was back in there. You've got to love him. I wish we all had that attitude. He's just a tough kid.

We're going to need him by the end of the year for sure. I plan on playing him.

Once Coach Whitt started recruiting him I think everybody started recruiting him, ... That happens a lot of times with a kid. You get a couple of schools looking at him and then everybody jumps on.