"Donald Glenn August" is an United States/American former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Milwaukee Brewers from to . Through his paternal grandmother, he is a first cousin twice removed of Archdiocese of Philadelphia/Archbishop of Philadelphia Justin Francis Rigali.

He is now a substitute teacher for the Germantown School District.

He lived in Mission Viejo, California and graduated from Capistrano Valley High School.

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We were not ready to play. The matches we won, everybody contributed and the most we lost everybody contributed. I believe by the end of the season we'll be a pretty good team. To finish in the top half at this tournament is a good sign.

We're trying to serve more aggressive. We work very hard on serving every day in practice. If we back off, especially against good teams, they will pound away on us. We want to make the other team work hard to pick up our serve. We don't want to make it easy to hit the ball back at us.

To their credit they never quit. It was one of those frustrating nights where we kept shooting ourselves in the foot but kept fighting. We didn't lose because of a lack of effort. We lost because of a lack of execution at critical times.