The officers felt an absolute necessity, given his employment, given the fact that he could potentially back to TSU, that this needed to be investigated fully.

Both Metro and federal law enforcement agencies looked at this case, and it was decided prosecution would occur at the state level. The reviews, I suspect, took some time.

If it was there, perhaps it dissipated.

The fumes spread from the construction area into the records office. Several employees reported smelling noxious fumes. Several became lightheaded. A few became nauseated.

The language was ill-advised. In the opinion of the deputy chiefs, (the change) was not good policy and they directed that revisions be made.

The records office was back in business within an hour.

He was very despondent, upset during the conversation. At times, he talked of suicide. He also talked about making the SWAT team kill him.

It was a process that certainly could have been better than it was months ago. I will hasten to add that we have taken steps to drastically improve that process.

With the newness wearing off, the shelter becomes old hat for some. We want to make sure that … everything remains peaceful.