We got to take care of the people at home, before we try solving everyone else's problems. I'm 72. There's not enough being done to provide good health coverage.

I've been all over Fife. They thinks he walks on water.

Boating accidents have decreased over the years, and the reason is the boater safety education program is working, and will continue to work.

We came into agreement that although not all of our reasoning was accepted, they did agree on part of it and said something needed to be done to fix it.

I've been kind of all over this. It kind of sounded like he and the board went separate directions. I don't know what to give that to.

It looks like FEMA is going to accept this re-study we and Flood Control are doing now.

If Charlie had gone on, he would have been right at the top. He was a great musician.

I put half and half and it ran real well. I shouldn't probably recommend it, because I don't know, I haven't run that much of it.

We do not want government interfering in our lives, taking away reasonable freedoms with no good, objective reason to do so.